Due to COVID 19, a lot of things have changed in the world. Whether it is about Shopping, Salons, Travel, Business, etc. Everyone has developed and adapted a new and somewhat secure way of working in the pandemic. Although people are not following anymore. As lockdown ended, People are returning to their casual ways but the safety measures at the airport during the COVID pandemic have really got updated.

Recently, I got a chance to travel from Pune to my hometown. I was skeptical about this trip as these days travel is not safe. First, I booked the flight. Even after booking, I had my doubts as flights were getting canceled quite often. I did a web check-in for my flight. After web check-in, I didn’t receive my boarding pass in 24 hours because I have not selected a paid seat for my journey. So, for those who have not selected a paid seat during web check-in for Spicejet, the boarding pass will be sent only 12 hours before the journey. I didn’t know about this procedure and spent hours calling and getting my query resolved.

Finally, the day had arrived to travel. I still didn’t have the boarding pass. I had printed all the necessary documents. As per the travel guidelines, I had arranged everything and booked an UBER for the airport. Just for the safety purpose, I had bought a PPE Kit. A friend came over to my place to help to wrap up things as it is going to be a long trip home. I dressed up took the cab.

There are a few guidelines that say the copies of the baggage tag, the boarding pass, etc are mandatory to carry. But if you don’t have one don’t worry about it. A soft copy of the boarding pass is allowed and the baggage tag is available at the check-in counters.

I reached the airport at around 3:00 am. The flight was at 6:55 am. Once you enter the airport, first your bag will be sanitized and then the temperature will be checked by the authorities. If that goes well, you will be allowed to enter the airport. At the entrance, there was a glass both separating the CISF personnel and the flyers to check the tickets. I gave my bag at the check-in counter and went for the security check. After that, I took a seat in the waiting bay and began to wait for the flight. An hour before the flight, the ground staff of the airline started distributing safety kit that comprises of the Sanitizer pouches, mask, and face shield. The passengers in the middle row were provided with a PPE kit. Soon the boarding of the flight started and there was no special arrangement while boarding. Food and water were being served by the attendants during the flight. Soon, I reached Delhi, and passengers started deboarding the plane. Attendants made sure that people should maintain a row-wise approach for safety purposes.

From Delhi, I had a connecting flight with a layover for approx 3 hours 55 minutes. Again had to go through the security check process. There was a huge crowd of people traveling to different parts of the country. I took a seat near my gate and waited for the gate to open and start boarding.

Soon boarding for the flight started. Again there were no such measures taken while boarding. But while deboarding, attendants made sure that it should be smooth and row-wise. As soon as I deboarded, I was made to stand in a line in front of the COVID Wisk sample collection center. Everybody was getting checked for the Coronavirus and after the sample collection a gate pass was issued and I was asked to wait outside for the results. After several minutes of waiting, the result was announced and people with positive results were asked to wait aside meanwhile all other people were set free.

I left the airport complex and started towards my home in an Auto-rickshaw.

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  1. Very informative. This is going to be very useful for all the readers who are planning to travel in this pandemic. Thankyou for sharing your experience!

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