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I am a Software Professional. I Write Personal Experiences and Learning. A few months ago, I got a chance to look back in life and think about the precious moments cherished and learnings. Then, I thought why not write it for someone who would like to know and learn from...

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Hey there…!

Now, that you have already landed on this website, you must be wondering what is so special about it. All of these websites are ONE AND THE SAME.

So, let me inform you, “You are wrong there my friend”.

AnubhavKoul (as you must have already figured out it’s my name) brings you everything in one place. It consists of numerous blogs and videos which all of us can relate to.

You never know what you may find!!

The best thing being here is that you can find and explore new things

From preparing food without extraordinary culinary skills to enthusiasm for travel.

From undeniable nutritional facts to unending love for music and art.

From availing fitness to atypical activity.

Let this journey begin…


Software Testing – As Career.

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Testing is⠀an⠀essential⠀part of⠀any⠀development⠀life cycle. Whether it is a car, Plane, or any other working assembly. We may often see a lot of videos of cars running on the road with camouflage plastic wraps on them. That is nothing but testers ascertaining the quality of the new car being developed. Based on the tests, a ‘Go or No Go’ decision will be taken. Likewise, software testing is done for the new software/Feature being developed. A person who does the quality checks for software is called a Software Testing Professional or a Quality Analyst.