Testing is⠀an⠀essential⠀part of⠀any⠀development⠀life cycle. Whether it is a car, Plane, or any other working assembly. We may often see a lot of videos of cars running on the road with camouflage plastic wraps on them. That is nothing but testers ascertaining the quality of the new car being developed. Based on the tests, a ‘Go or No Go’ decision will be taken. Likewise, software testing is done for the new software/Feature being developed. A person who does the quality checks for software is called a Software Testing Professional or a Quality Analyst.

Software⠀testing⠀involves⠀identifying⠀defects,⠀bugs, and⠀problems⠀in⠀software⠀applications⠀to ensure software meets the criteria being defined.

Software development lifecycle.

As the world is moving towards modernization and digitization, demand for⠀software⠀testers⠀has⠀increased⠀significantly⠀as⠀companies⠀increasingly⠀recognize⠀the⠀importance⠀of⠀delivering⠀quality⠀products⠀to customers. Hence, ⠀software⠀testing⠀has become⠀essential⠀for⠀people⠀looking⠀for jobs⠀in the⠀tech⠀industry.

Whychoosesoftwaretesting as a career?

People who want to start a career in the software industry but are not from an IT background, or not comfortable with programming languages (complex logic), or people who want to gain domain knowledge to become a product or domain expert usually choose testing as a career. However, there are other reasons as follows:

  1. High Demand: Businesses and industries are moving towards digitization. Software development is in progress so does the software testing. Since there is a big shift, the demand for people who can ensure the quality is high and this trend is expected to continue.
  2. Continuous Education: As⠀new technologies⠀are developed day by day. Software⠀development⠀involves these newly developed technologies. Testers⠀must stay⠀updated⠀with new⠀tools and⠀technologies⠀to ensure⠀they can⠀identify⠀problems⠀and bugs⠀in the⠀application.
  3. Development⠀Work:⠀Software⠀testing is⠀a work method that offers many development opportunities.⠀As a⠀software⠀tester,⠀you may be⠀promoted⠀to team⠀leader,⠀project⠀manager, etc.

What are the SkillsRequiredforSoftwareTesting?

Software⠀testers⠀need to be⠀very⠀detailed and thorough⠀because⠀they are⠀responsible⠀for⠀detecting, and reporting⠀the⠀smallest⠀issues or bugs⠀in the⠀software⠀application. It is a software tester, who is the last line of defense while a product/feature is launched.

  1. Skills:⠀Software⠀testers⠀should be⠀well equipped with analytical, logical, and behavioral aspects of the application under test to⠀analyze⠀the Input and desired output.
  2. Communication⠀skills:⠀Software⠀testers⠀must be⠀able to⠀communicate⠀effectively⠀with⠀developers,⠀project⠀managers,⠀and other⠀stakeholders⠀to ensure⠀issues are⠀communicated effectively and resolved⠀in a⠀timely⠀manner.
  3. Technical⠀Skills:⠀Software⠀testers⠀should be proficient⠀in⠀programming. The testing⠀tools and techniques employed.
  4. Problem-Solving:⠀Software⠀testers⠀should be⠀able to⠀identify⠀issues in time. Identifying the areas being impacted, suggesting⠀solutions,⠀and helping in fixing⠀problems⠀in an⠀application.


Being a quality assurance person is a huge responsibility. If you are not able to catch the bugs and errors in time, you may not be regarded as an efficient tester. Being just a person who finds bugs in time is not the only requirement. You have to be up to date with the latest technology trends in your field.

Not Just for testing but for any field of work, a person should always have a student attitude. He / She should always be open to learning. No matter how old you are. With continuous learning and implementation, you can excel in work.

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