We will talk about a lot of things like food, health, and fitness. Today’s topic is about Curd and Yogurt: often termed as synonymous but quite different from each other. I have seen a lot of people who think both are the same its just the difference in name. Few think in America we call curd as yogurt but basically both are the same, which is not correct. Few are of the opinion that dense curd is called Yogurt, which is absolutely incorrect both are different.

To understand it in better way. Lets just start with the preparation of both the items. Both have different ways for preparation.

Curd: Curd is prepared by first boiling the milk and then let it cool down till it attains lukewarm state which is around 30 – 45 degrees. Now, we add some curd in the lukewarm milk. At this point of time, we are introducing lactic acid bacteria into the milk known as ‘Lacto Bacillus’ which converts the milk into curd by multiplying and ferments in few hours.

Yogurt: The process of making Yogurt is same, just the difference is in the bacteria which we add in the milk. ‘Lactobacillus Bulgaris’ and ‘Streptococcus Thermophilus’. These two bacteria are good bacteria which are grown in the labs.

The similarity in Curd and Yogurt is that both provides benefits when reached intestine alive, taste is also somewhat similar.

So, next if someone asks you the difference please aware them that both are different.

Stay tuned if you want to know different benefits………

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